In order to make involvement in Fireplace Church a straightforward and simple process, we made it as simple as ABC.

A-Teams: In sports, the A-team is a group of very important players on your team. At Fireplace Church, our A-Teams are all of our volunteer teams (worship team, ushers/greeters, children’s ministry, etc). We feel that it is necessary to allow people to use their gifts and talents in order for them to fully develop as a devoted follower of Christ, and A-Teams create an opportunity to develop and use your gifting! You will have an opportunity to explore our various A-Teams through our Growth Track class.

B-groups: The “B” in B-groups is for “belong.” We are created for community. Our B-groups are small group Bible studies that are designed to facilitate both real community and devotion to Jesus. By meeting in homes and having snacks or meals together they will create a natural atmosphere for community to occur. By studying God’s Word together we will learn from each other and gain valuable insight from the perspectives of our fellow group members. To get involved in one of our B-Groups, check out our B-Group catalog and either choose one that located conveniently near where you live or attend one that has members who you connect well with!

C-Time: The “C” in C-Time is for “Corporate Celebration.” C-time is a time to celebrate the presence of God and hear from His Word. Our Sunday Service is our main C-Time! We will offer Contemporary, Spirit Filled worship, sermons that are both intellectually and spiritually stimulating, and a children’s ministry that is both fun and spiritually impacting. We also plan to host monthly weekend events that will be additional C-Time experiences. Since we meet in a rented facility, we aren’t able to do the “traditional” Wednesday night Bible study/family night, but that is not entirely a bad thing! Instead once a month we will have a weekend mini-conference consisting of Friday night, a few Saturday sessions, and Sunday morning gatherings. With this model we will have the same amount of services as we would if we had a weekly Wednesday night gathering. But by packing them into a weekend, we can create a spiritually focused atmosphere that can be sustained all weekend. To be a part of either the weekly or monthly C-Time options, all you have to do is show up!