Core Values

These are our four major points of emphasis.

Core Values

Devotion to JESUs

Simple devotion to Jesus is at the heart of everything we do! We want to continue to grow in His love for us so that we will grow in our love for Him and learn to live for Him in the context of our community, jobs, schools, marriages, and families.

Devotion To Jesus

Reaching the lost

Whether it is reaching members of our community or engaging the foreign mission field, we want to present the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ to every person we can.

Reaching the Lost

Empowering the Next generation

We believe that children, youth, and college students are not only the “church of tomorrow,” but they are also the church of today! Through dynamic children’s, youth, and college ministry, we will empower the next generation now!

Empowering the Next Generation

Building real COMMUNITY

Real community means more than staring at the back of someone’s head on a Sunday morning while we worship together. We will foster a sense of community that extends beyond our Sunday morning experience and see real friendships develop.

Building Real Community