Chi Alpha Campus Ministry

Campus ministries at both Virginia Tech and Radford University

Who are we?

So: we’re Chi Alpha. We’re great, thanks for asking! We don’t have a major – although we are on university campuses all over the world. We’re a network of Christian ministries that look a little bit different on every campus – but here’s what you’re always sure to find: college-age men and women who are at once wrestling to become who they are (through school or work or life experience), and to connect with God. You’ll probably find people who are in all kinds of stages of both pursuits: self-discovery and God-discovery.

Those are the quick get-to-know-us facts. We’re really excited to connect with you on your campus and talk with you about Jesus, but until we get that privilege, is a place to find out more about who Jesus is and what he has done for you!

For information on our Virginia Tech group, click here and for information on our Radford group, click here.