Kindle Nights

Tuesday and Thursday Nights During our 21 days of Prayer and Fasting

During our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting, we take our monthly Kindle Night service and expand it to twice weekly. 


On Tuesday night Kindle is an intercession night. We gather together to host God's presence and pray in unity over various prayer topics. 


Thursday is an activation night! We begin with worship, then our guest speakers will speak (see list below) and we will end the night with a time of responding what the Lord is saying to us.


David Malcom - 1/17/22

David and his wife Amanda are the pastors at King Street Church in Keysville, VA. David is powerful preacher of God's Word and carries a contagious zeal for the Lord.

Chris Leslie - 1/20/22

Chris and his wife Kelly are missionaries in Spain. Since his youth, Chris has carried a passion for prayer and leading others to encounter God. 

Jackson Maxey - 1/27/22

Jackson and his wife Rebecca are campus missionaries with Virginia Tech Chi Alpha. Jackson has given his life to reach college students and cultivate a prayer culture within Chi Alpha.