Small Groups

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At Fireplace Church, we believe in creating real community that fosters a sense of family that extends beyond our Sunday morning experience. One of the most effective ways to experience real community is to get involved in a small group. Some people enjoy a large church because of its focus on others while others want a small, intimate church. We believe that our church must become larger and smaller at the same time.


“You know that I have not hesitated to preach anything that would be helpful to you but have taught  you  publicly  and  from  house  to house.”Acts 20:20

Small Groups

Bible Engagement Project

We have two Bible Engagement Groups, one in Blacksburg and one in Christiansburg. For me details click the orange button below.


  1. Locations: Small Groups are located in various church member's homes.  
  2. The Study: We are currently using the Bible Engagement Project in our small groups. This material is vertically integrated so that the adults small groups are discussing the same topics and passages that our Kids Ministry and Youth Ministry are also discussing. This creates an amazing opportunity for the conversation to continue at home.

The Read the Bible in a Year Group